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Always Taking Bold, Courageous Steps

Opening up new possibilities for plastic molding through maximum use of leading -edge manufacturing and automation technologies.

In 1964, shortly after the first domestic color televisions were introduced, we anticipated growing demand for television parts, and launched out production of color television parts using "Bakelite," the world's first synthetic resin, invented by an American chemist.
In quick response to market needs during the high-growth period of the Japanese economy, we commenced the production of plastic parts, and in the belief that molds determine the quality of manufactured parts, we expanded into the mold fabrication business, then commenced mass production of molds. We have also designed and manufactured automation/labor-saving equipment to improve our products' quality. Throughout out history, we have come to believe that "clues to future success lie in the present." We are proud to continue to lead plastic manufacturers as and innovative company. With the aim of realizing unmanned factories, we have established a computer-aided production management system. We believe that out mission is to continue to pursue technological innovations with a forward-looking, entrepreneurial sprit and pass those innovations on to our customers.

Full automatic insert molding sysytem comprising vertical molding machines

Toward Future-oriented, Innovative Microstructure Coating Technology

NEXUS brand's automatic coating system and environmentally conscious coating methods .

The coating division is engaged in painting, laser processing, silk screen printing and pad printing for plastic parts. Among other technologies, microstructure coating and laser etching are expected to evolve toward increased use in the future. We have developed our own automation coating system to flexibly respond to the various needs and requirements of our customers. We also actively introduces "next-generation" coating. Our newly introduced "soft-touch coating," for example, which uses organic solvent-free water soluble paint, is attracting widespread attention as an environmentally friendly coating method. Also, we have already introduced UV coating, which requires careful control and considerable technical know-how. Our coating division is seeking new possibilities for coating, taking full advantage of our cutting-edge automation technology.

NEXUS original automatic coating line.
Laser processing machine
レーザー加工機 レーザーエッチング Laser etching technology has evolved material processing.
Technology for etching micron-scale complex patterns that enables high-precision processing, such as difficult cutting, drilling, scribing, welding and marking