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Factory Automation|NEXUS

Aiming to Meet the Challenges of the Industry with Our Innovative Technology

Aiming to develop industrial machinery that achieves full automation and labor saving.

The FA division designs and manufactures automation/labor saving equipment for use in various industries, including the equipment introduced in NEXUS plans. FA business forms the foundation for our development as a system integrator. Streaming a production process is always a major challenge for manufacturers, requiring them to respond flexibly and innovatively to changing times. As the brain of NEXUS, our sales, planning and design teams maximize their experiences and competence to embody out customers' needs. For developed equipment, trial production and testing are repeated until satisfactory results are achieved. Making full use of our wealth of technologies and know-how, we are doing our utmost to produce the highest possible quality products, while placing particular importance on providing prompt, safe and reliable service. Our accumulated technologies and know hot are valuable assets that enable us to shift toward being an innovation-oriented company. We are proud that major clients of our FA business are involved in fiercely competitive automotive and semiconductor industries.

Supporting the entire process from design to assembly
FA division