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Exploring Potential Application of New Materials with Unlimited Potential

Lightweight, high-strength magnesium alloys will profoundly change numerous industries.

Today, companies are evaluated from the viewpoint of efforts toward environment conservation. NEXUS was among the first companies to use magnesium alloys. We turned our attention to magnesium because it is environmentally friendly, abundant in seawater and soil, and when disposed of will return to the soil. Magnesium alloy is much lighter than iron and much stronger than plastic. Magnesium alloy efficiently releases heat generated from an electronic circuit, thereby enabling electronic circuit downsizing. From magnesium alloys we manufacture parts and components for digital cameras, mobile phones and personal computers, making use of our outstanding technological capabilities, accumulated through many years of producing plastic molds and parts. We provide total production services, from injection molding to post-processing, such as blasting, tapping and hand finishing, and making remnant materials into chips or ingots. To proceed reliable, high quality produces that meet the needs of the times, we plan to commence production of large parts and conduct research and development to develop a lower cost production method. There is a great possibility that automotive hoods and doors made from magnesium alloy will be produced in NEXUS plants.

Magnesium injection molding machine Magnesium melting furnace
Magnesium injection molding machine Magnesium melting furnace
Post processing for magnesium alloy products using a tapping machine
magnesium alloy products using a tapping machine

Research and development of magnesium alloys is taking place atoned the world.

Magnesium alloy is the lightest among metal materials for industrial use, and has a wide range of applications including aircraft, automobiles, agricultural machines, containers, tools, precision machines, personal computers, medical equipment and spacecraft. As the primary material for magnesium alloy, magnesium is one of the most abundant mineral resources on earth; it is therefore expected that reducing magnesium alloy production cost can dramatically expand the applications of magnesium alloy.